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CTI hardware

CTI is a computer software approach to defining the design of communication interfaces between a computer program and the telephone network infrastructure.

Web Development

web development is an active and growing industry and an industry that has been providing skilled IT professionals and expanding quickly due to it.

Predictive dialer

predictive dialer is the accurate and fastest way to send phone numbers directly to recipients without any of the hassles of hunting down the right person or routing them through voicemail.

Cloud telephony

cloud telephony is a business technology term referring to the ability to connect multiple telephone and data lines to a business.

VOIP dialer

VoIP is the marketing term used for conferencing protocols that has some similarities to internet telephony but uses dedicated telephone lines instead of the internet.

CRM solution

CRM solution is a strategy that involves the formulation of a set of customer touchpoints that acts as a gateway to the interaction and engagement of customers with the companies on all the available channels.
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